You might have noticed that you haven’t heard from us here at the American Nurse Practitioner Foundation for a while.

We made a few organizational changes and had a bit of soul-searching to do. But while our mailing address may have changed, our commitment to nurse practitioners hasn’t. We are still working hard to provide you with

  • Programs and services that deliver relevant disease state information to you and your patients and
  • Scholarship and grant opportunities to further your NP education and research goals.

One of our most important new goals is to make sure that we are hearing from you, as you work in the field, on the front line of patient care day in and day out. We’d like to continue the conversation with you, to find out what hard-working NPs like yourself need most. If you’d like continue to be a part of a community of NPs working for the whole health of their patients, then please follow the link below to confirm that you’d like to keep hearing from us.

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Let’s continue the conversation!