Easter eggs

Easter Eggs: The Beauty of Nutrition

Now that Easter is over, what are you going to do with all those hardboiled eggs? Eggs are great sources of high-quality protein, so don’t just throw them out! The Egg Nutrition Center gave us some ideas for how to prepare them, egg salad and beyond! …..read more


NP Awarded $10,000 Research Grant to Study Interventions with Heart Failure Patients

Lucinda J. Graven, PhD, MSN, ARNP, was awarded ANPF’s 2014 research grant for her proposed study for a coping partnership intervention on depressive symptoms and self-care in older adults with heart failure. Dr. Graven hopes that this pilot study will provide a platform for developing effective interventions with this population in the future. …..read more


Update Your Obesity Knowledge

Each year, 34 million people die globally from causes related to obesity and overweight. We’ve partnered with the Institute for Nurse Practitioner Excellence to offer a free CE module that allows you to update your knowledge of the pathophysiology of obesity and related treatment strategies. The accredited course offers 1.3 contact hours, including 0.8 CH of pharmacology credit. …..read more