You focus on your patients. We focus on you.

The American Nurse Practitioners Foundation (ANPF) connects nurse practitioners to the tools and resources they need to provide excellent, accessible health care to patients. We fund NP education and research, deliver relevant disease state information to NPs and their patients, and highlight NP humanitarian efforts and contributions. We seek to engage all American NPs as they lead the way in delivering access to safe, high-quality care to an ever-growing patient population.

We are:

  • Inclusive: We welcome and serve all nurse practitioners.
  • Responsive: We excel at relationships. We are committed to addressing the needs of nurse practitioners and everyone we serve.
  • Innovative: At ANPF, we embrace new technologies and are willing to take risks to support NPs and their patients.
  • Holistic: Much as NPs deal with the overall health of a patient, we work to support the overall health of the profession, from the individual NP on up.
  • Patient-Focused: In an ever-changing health care industry, we share a key belief with nurse practitioners: the health of the patient comes first.

ANPF was originally created to help meet the need for funding NP-related education, as well as healthcare-focused research and projects. ANPF began operations in March 1998 as an independently incorporated 501(c)(3) philanthropic, non-profit organization. ANPF is proud to be the first national foundation of its kind working to benefit nurse practitioners of all specialties.