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Dr. Jan Towers Legacy Fund

Join the American Nurse Practitioners Foundation in celebrating Dr. Jan Towers for a lifetime of achievement and perseverance for the NP community. In honor of all her contributions, ANPF has started the Dr. Jan Towers Legacy Fund. This fund will set the financial base needed to keep scholarships and grants flowing directly back into the profession.

ANPF was originally created to help meet the need for funding NP-related education, as well as healthcare-focused research and projects. We seek to engage all NPs as they lead the way in delivering access to safe, high-quality care to an ever-growing patient population. ANPF is proud to be the first national foundation of its kind working to benefit nurse practitioners of all specialties.

The ANPF Board of Directors encourages each state to participate. Florida Nurse Practitioners Network proudly became the first state to participate led by FNPN President Janet Dubois and ANPF’s President Debra Danforth. Florida extends a challenge to all states to help build this fund in tribute to one of the pioneers who helped advance NPs nationwide.

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Dr. Jan Towers Legacy Fund Deb and Janet

Dr. Jan Towers Legacy Fund with FL Leaders