As part of its work to provide resources to nurse practitioners, ANPF has given over $1 million since its inception to NPs for educational support and innovative, NP-led research. ANPF scholarships have enabled over 500 new NPs to enter the field, providing an immediate impact to patient populations.

The deserving NPs below are the recipients of ANPF’s 2014 educational scholarships and research grant.

Coping With Heart Failure:

ANPF Research Grant Awarded to Study Coping Partnership Intervention in Older Adults with Heart Failure

Graven_4x6_200dpi-1Congratulations to Lucinda J. Graven, PhD, MSN, ARNP, winner of the ANPF 2014 research grant award! Dr. Graven’s research study is entitled Coping in Heart Failure (COPE-HF) Partnership: Improving Psychological and Physiological Well-Being in Community Dwelling Elders.

“Heart failure is an economic burden on our healthcare system and places elderly patients at increased risk for adverse psychological and physiological outcomes,” Dr. Graven writes. “Therefore, research is needed to develop and test interventions that are beneficial in improving these outcomes for older patients with heart failure.”

The randomized, controlled study will examine the effectiveness of a coping partnership intervention on depressive symptoms and self-care in older adults with heart failure. Study participants will be recruited from two acute care facilities serving a primarily rural area located near where Dr. Graven practices in Florida. The participants will be randomly assigned to one of three groups: intervention, attention and control. Each of the three groups will receive the standard discharge care in terms of heart failure education, treatment and follow-up.

During an initial home visit, the intervention group will be trained to use a four-step, positive problem-orientation method to deal with the complexities that arise with chronic heart failure, using fatigue as an example (approximately half of heart failure patients report high levels of fatigue). The participants will also receive a booklet that identifies 10 common heart failure-related problems. They will be provided with reminder cards to identify topics to address in the 12 weeks of bi-weekly follow-up phone calls.

Dr. Graven hopes that this initial pilot study will provide information from which future work can be built upon to meet the need for effective interventions aimed at improving psychological and physiological outcomes in older patients with heart failure.

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DNP Scholarship Winners

Four fantastic NPs and future NPs have received a total of $27,000 from ANPF’s 2014 Scholarship fund to continue their NP education. Congratulations to the winners!


C_Bush_photoThe first in his family to earn a college degree, Mr. Bush has always worked to further his own education, starting with odd jobs while earning an associate’s degree in nursing. Many years of hard work later, he is a Board-certified NP and AANP Fellow. For many people, that might be enough – but not Mr. Bush. He applied for funding to continue his studies to earn a DNP degree.

“As I further refine my career through DNP education,” he writes, “I will continue to highlight how fundamentals of nursing can improve the health of our nation. I am committed to building on the strengths of all health disciplines, celebrating the differences, and pointing to models of collaboration that serve our citizens well.”

Selma Mujezinovic, FNP-BC

Selma_MujezinovicMs. Mujezinovic began her career as a nursing assistant in 1995. Over the years, she earned her RN, BSN, and MS in Nursing. As she has continued practicing in a primary care setting, she has become concerned about the chronic and often complex health problems faced by the growing cohort of aging Americans. Her concern around these issues, and the nursing shortage that accompanies them, has led her to pursue her DNP degree.

“Older Americans require far more health care services than their younger counterparts,” she writes, “making the current shortage of nurses critical. And as health care reform is enacted and millions of previously uninsured crowd into the system…the nursing shortage will only become more urgent. Unfortunately, nurses can’t be trained without nurse educators, and that shortage is even more dire.”

NP Scholarship Winners

Shannon Lindsay, RN, BSN, NP-S

shannon_lindsayA Registered Nurse and an advocate, Ms. Lindsay is well aware of the shortage of primary care clinicians, especially in underserved communities. She has seen first-hand how diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and AIDS have crippled these communities, and she wants to make a difference by helping patients prevent common, chronic illnesses and live healthier lifestyles. Ms. Lindsay has also worked to support advanced practice nurses, participating in lobbying training and rallies in her home state of Georgia.

“Improving patients’ perception of their care is fundamental to improving their health care outcomes,” she writes. “My future goals include establishing a low-income-based clinic in an underserved community. I am excited about becoming a nurse practitioner. I will continue to apply the same diligence to my collegiate studies as I have to this point, making education and service to others my top priority.”

Emily R. Miller

Emily_MillerMs. Miller is a born humanitarian. Though currently enrolled in Georgetown University’s Family Nurse Practitioner program, she has found time in the past nine years to travel the world — from Mexico to Colombia to Mongolia to Haiti — assisting on humanitarian relief trips. Her goal is to complete her FNP studies and to work in an underprivileged area of the United States before embarking on full-time international disaster relief work.

“I am committed to providing quality holistic medical care to people in need and setting up educational programs within the communities I serve,” she writes, “and to close the knowledge gap that exists between developed and developing countries. The knowledge that I am gaining on a daily basis as I work toward this degree equips me for this challenge.”