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Each year, 34 million people die globally from causes related to obesity and overweight. Update your knowledge of the pathophysiology of obesity and related treatment strategies with a free CE program, created in response to ANPF’s work on obesity.

ANPF has partnered with the Institute for Nurse Practitioner Excellence (INPE) to offer a free online CE program entitled Obesity: Causes, Interventions, and Actions for Primary Care Providers. The course offers 1.3 contact hours, which includes 0.8 CH of pharmacology credit. it is accredited by INPE, an AANP-Approved Provider of NP CE.

The course objectives are to:

  • Describe physiological, neurobiological, and environmental factors that influence weight control;
  • Assess patients’ obesity status and risk stratification using available tools, such as history, registries, chart reviews, electronic health records, and evidence-based guidelines;
  • Identify practical tools to support obesity management efforts within the practice and community settings; and
  • Individualize pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment of obesity by implementing NHLBI, AACE, and other available evidence-based guidelines.

Access the program here. 

INPE’s mission is to promote excellence in NP practice and outcomes by providing superior, evidence-based education, research, and resources designed to help NPs make a greater difference in their patients’ health. INPE is an AANP-Approved Provider.